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Meet the residents

We love all animals and rescue domestic animals, farm animals and Wildlife.

Domestic Animals

We mainly rescue cats from Sydney pounds are active in TNR programs around Canberra. Rescued cats are then socialised (if needed), and  de-sexed, wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped and then put in our adoption program with Petstock.

All cats come with a lifetime take-back commitment. If at any stage the new owner can no longer keep the cat, we will always be happy to take the cat back into our care <3


We're active in Wildlife rescue, averaging around 1 to 2 rescues a week. We also operate a pre-release Kangaroo enclosure, where we raise and rehabilitate orphan joeys.

Farm Animals

We have rescued sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, roosters, geese, ducks, alpacas, turkeys and cows.

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